Introducing: My Favourite Album

Introducing: My Favourite Album

Dear reader,

Andrea here with the world's biggest apology. I've been absent and neglectful of this newsletter. Thank you for sticking with me if indeed you have,

Part of the reason for my absence is that I have been, as they say, working on an exciting new project. I'm always so impressed when people say things like that. So secretive. Is it a Hollywood film? A zine about Dawson's Creek? Either way, I just love when people make things, and now I'm one of them. I've made a thing!

It's a podcast. It's called My Favourite Album. I'm very proud of it.

Episode one is out now, and features the international rock star, Sarah Corcoran, from the international rock star band Pillow Queens discussing The Con by Tegan and Sara. Here she is playing her rock guitar:

Photo was taken by another rock star, SOAK, who is also brilliant

Sarah's is the first episode that I recorded. I was really nervous not to have another person to share hosting duties with, but as soon as she sat down that weight was completely lifted. You know when people are talking about something they love and they just shine? How the air around them gets brighter and seems to crackle with electricity? Watching Sarah talk about her favourite album, first loves, coming out and everything else this album has seen her through was amazing and completely affirmed what I wanted to do with this project.

Sarah's is the first of six episodes, which will come out every Wednesday on your podcast feed of choice. Here it is on Spotify. Like how Beyoncé is on Spotify.

I'm so grateful to Tall Tales, and particularly Fearghal Curtis (who produced the series and made it sound gorgeous) and Cassie Delaney for all their work on making this happen, and for that one time they talked me down from a panic attack right before I started recording an episode.

And I can't let you go now without a playlist, can I? Here are some songs, old and new, that I've been enjoying lately. That have made me look forward to the changing season and new horizons. September always feels new to me.

Love love love,

Andrea x